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A timeshare is when a group of people buys into a resort for a specific time period, usually in weekly intervals. The most common types of Timeshare are condominium or hotel-style developments. Developers, however, have applied the concept to many other properties or assets such as houseboats, campgrounds, and RV Parks. However, the Condominium is still the most popular choice.

The Timeshare developer builds the property and divides the units into equal time intervals. The units are then marketed and sold to buyers who purchase a specific time of year to occupy the resort. The ownership of this unit gives the buyer access to accommodations in the property for their given week, without the financial burden of owning a Vacation Property year-round. The resort takes care of all property management costs, thereby ensuring that the timeshare owner will have a perfect week at the resort.

A Timeshare Interval is the time period that is sold to the buyer. Most timeshares are sold in weekly intervals, though some resorts have longer time periods such as one-tenth year or one-quarter year ownership. Most Timeshares are based on a one-week interval, which is commonly referred to as “Timeshare Week” or “Week”. You will see that all advertisements on will display a week number. This number indicates the week assigned to that ownership, numbered 1 through 52.

Timeshare units are different from typical hotel rooms, and more closely resemble condominiums. The units or villas are fully furnished, and generally include one to three bedrooms, multiple bedrooms, full kitchen, and a living room and dining area. Timeshare resorts typically have on site amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, sports courts, and activity centers. Owners are responsible for maintenance fees that are paid either annually or biennially. These fees are paid to the timeshare Homeowners Association (HOA) and are used to maintain and update the resort as needed.

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